Redefining the Auto Industry with CDK Global

Last week we announced our participation in the CDK Global Partner Program, the largest marketplace of third-party automotive applications and integrations. But what does that mean for us and the future of the auto industry?

It means we are leading the way for disruption within the auto industry. 

Joining the CDK Partner Program is a critical step forward for us to provide dealerships and OEMs with better, faster, and more effective business solutions. We offer a real-time, purchase-ready customer acquisition and business analytics platform. 

Artificial intelligence technologies like this are redefining the auto industry. Our participation in the program ensures we are leading the way. FunnelAI is transforming the industry by connecting businesses with in-market customers.

Connectivity is key

Over the past decade the auto industry, including everything from car sales to insurance, has changed. Most of it can be attributed to changing consumer preferences, but much of it is driven by increased connectivity.

Companies can take advantage of this by supporting real-time interactions and by implementing a workflow that connects sales teams to purchase-ready buyers. 

It’s time

Across the globe, industries are using AI-powered technologies to create a seamless and connected customer experience. In this next decade, it’s what consumers will expect. 

Traditionally, dealerships and OEMs have lagged behind when it comes to adopting new technology. This creates an opportunity in an industry that is ripe for disruption. We believe the time is right for FunnelAI.

Be a pioneer in your space.

The technology solutions you use should be simple and effective. They should be powerful enough to boost sales, but intuitive enough for your team to learn quickly and use them effectively.

We consider ourselves pioneers in the artificial intelligence space and aim to help other companies within the auto industry become trailblazers. 

With new technologies, businesses can expect customers to feel more confident and empowered during the buying process. You should strive to create a modern buying experience for your customers, regardless of what service or product you provide. 

2020 is sure to create a complex and diversified landscape. Use FunnelAI stay ahead of the competition. Sign up for a demo at

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