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Privacy Center | SocialMiningAi

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FunnelAI, Inc (collectively, “FunnelAI” or “we”), empowers businesses to pursue highly qualified leads and close more deals. Through the power of artificial intelligence, we are helping businesses reach their customers in real time. Our company is built on the proposition that millions of people are asking on public forums and in public social posts for which products and services to purchase. However, many of those potential sales are overlooked because of the quantity of social posts that companies must search in order to find qualified leads. The solution is using FunnelAI’s AI-Based Customer engagement platform, to identify the public posts where people actively ask for help and expressed consent to connect with businesses. Aingine® is neither a tracking cookie nor inferring interest from surreptitiously collected data. We do not collect personally identifiable information, which includes but is not limited to name, email address, physical location, financial data, data on children, health, precise geographic location, and social security number. We do not create behavioral profiles of social media. Since we have a respect for the social context of posts people make online, we only funnel leads from those people who are likely interested in a particular product or a service. This document explains how FunnelAI protects user privacy.

Privacy Policy

 Your Data Rights

The machine learning algorithms that FunnelAI has developed do not collect personally identifiable information, nor are they designed to do so. The public data we analyze within our network is pseudonymized such that it cannot be attributed to a specific data subject. FunnelAI does not sell or rent any of the information that is tracked using google analytics or from the direct contact request from “You” directly.

The only uses of data are those highlighted in this policy. Users are the only owners of their data and can request modification or deletion at any time. If you feel that your data was accessed in an unauthorized manner or by a third party unrelated to FunnelAI, please contact privacy ‘at’ funnelai ‘dot’ com.

 Website Analytics

FunnelAI collects analytics data via Google Analytics for the purpose of tracking web traffic, user internet location, and pages accessed. The tracking does not include tracking sensitive personally identifiable information including, but not limited to, name, email address, physical location, financial data, data on children, health, precise geographic location, and social security number. Google Analytics helps FunnelAI to improve our services based on source origination and connect better with users of our website. FunnelAI does not collect personal information directly when users browse our site. We do not sell data from Google Analytics to third parties or marketing providers.

 Social Media

The links that FunnelAI’sAI-Based Customer engagement platform, Aingine®, provides to our customers come from a variety of public posts on social media sites and forums. FunnelAI does not have access to sensitive personal information including, but not limited to, name, email address, physical location, financial data, data on children, health, precise geographic location, and social security number. Aingine® works in compliance with the terms of service of each source from which it provides links to public posts. Websites track personal information based on the agreed terms between themselves and “You” as the user. FunnelAI does not have access to personally identifiable information from social media sites, nor is FunnelAI subscribed to receive personally identifiable information.

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