FunnelAI Moves with the Current Times! Here’s Why:

By Sri Kamma, Founder & CEO, FunnelAI

For every growth company, finding an optimal space that works for their current and future team is critical. As we thought about our team’s needs, we asked ourselves two simple questions. What’s needed for a flexible and focused work and do we have the capability to succeed? 

Our team has quickly grown outside of the U.S. We wondered what it would mean offering flexibility to everyone at FunnelAI, including our team in San Antonio. We put our team’s thoughts together to make these changes. We believe that company culture is built on a common vision, goal, and understanding among both teams and individuals. 

Given that our team is spread out across the globe, communication is vital. I have always been a remote team member during my 20 years of technical leadership roles. All of my current team members have had experience working remotely for the last 10 years. 

There may be times when a move from traditional arrangements is considered an experimentation, and yet for us the decision fits naturally within our team’s structure. Our experience and commitment delivers our work virtually and increases our competitiveness. For our industry, it’s necessary to get the very best talent, no matter their location. This widens our applicant pool.

Many companies end up alienating their employees because they don’t slow down and take the time to listen to their people. Ask anyone on our team, they will say quiet and focused time is a requirement of the work we do and having a people-centric approach is a value to admire. 

Studies show that companies who give their workers the opportunity to work remotely increase productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organizational costs. They are even 22 percent happier. 58% of high-performance employees (HPEs) need more private space for problem solving and 54% of HPEs find their office environment “too distracting”. 

There will always be a time and place for the conventional office space. However, given the technologies available to build talented teams, virtually across continents, rolling with the times only adds value. 

When we are dedicated to giving our employees* the flexibility to produce their best work, why restrict it to only certain people or certain areas? Our team feels great about the change. I’ll be happy to give an update a few months down the road as to how this change is progressing. Feel free to reach out, I will be happy to share any ideas that worked for us in creating a more flexible environment at our company. 

*Speaking of having an environment to thrive and showcase your talent, we’re hiring right now. If you’re interested in transforming your career and joining an innovative team, contact us! You can check out all of our job openings here.

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