Embrace Artificial Intelligence to Find Your Next Customer in Unexpected Places

Artificial intelligence has changed our daily lives, shifted the labor market, and created a myriad of innovations. It has also changed the way companies choose to market and sell.

In a survey released last year, Cox Automotive discovered 79% of retail companies plan to use AI by 2021. Yet, many business leaders are still wary about AI tools.

New applications of AI will enhance your team’s ability to do their best work. Here are three ways to think about incorporating products with AI features into your marketing and sales processes.

1. Rethink your approach to prospecting. Prospecting is often one of the most time consuming, tedious, and least rewarding parts of the sales process. Sales representatives and social media managers spend hours searching for prospects. However, companies like FunnelAI are enabling a more intelligent solution: AI-driven prospecting.

Our algorithms are continuously being trained to find our clients the individuals looking for their product or a service from almost all digital platforms. As a result, prospecting is easier and faster now that you can supplement your inbound marketing efforts. You’ll know who your customer is in real-time. While AI does the hard work, your most valuable asset – your staff – can focus on the human interaction that closes the deal.

2. Use social media to listen:. Meet customers where they are. As Americans increase the amount of time they spend on various social channels, it will become even more important to develop new strategies to connect directly with customers on platforms and when they express a need for your service. Catering to a generation that loves social platforms and moving away from traditional advertising mediums is one reason why digital ad spend surpassed television this year for the first time. That is monumental, and AI can help your business find the right customers in real time.

Illustration of hand holding phone in front of cityscape. Phone is on google results page.3. Make your brand human-centric with individual customers. The rise of social media has not only displaced traditional advertising: it has created new relationships between brands and customers. As Lippincott explained, social media has given companies with a unique and responsive voice an edge. Why not go a bit further and interact with every customer that is looking for your product or a service in real-time? Imagine the branding behind every responsive conversation with your future customers. In a time where companies have more familiarity with AI tools, consider using them to focus more on your limited resources more efficiently.

By using AI tools to enhance your company’s ability to find quality prospects, you’ll find it easier to connect with the customers closest to purchasing your product or service.

For more information about how FunnelAI™ can change your marketing experience, email us for a demo! Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all things FunnelAI™.

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