Connect with the Auto Enthusiast Community at Your Local Auto Show

Auto shows are one of our favorite events to attend because they can be especially helpful for finding leads within the industry. There’s no better place for engaging community members who are talking about purchasing cars locally. Plus, there’s the added benefit of checking out manufacturer’s newest cars. 

The San Antonio Auto & Truck Show is rolling into town November 21 through November 24. Auto enthusiasts and buyers alike will be gathered under one roof to celebrate all things auto. Attendees will see displays of the newest vehicles from auto manufacturers, live music, and performances. This year’s show will offer something for every member of the family, from facepainting to monster truck rides. 

Green monster truck

The San Antonio Auto & Truck Show will take place downtown at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Tickets can be bought online at, or you can get a free ticket by contacting us at

But, if you’re not able to make it to your local auto show, there is still a way to connect with local auto buyers. FunnelAI give you the power to acquire new customers and retain existing customers within your area. Within 18 seconds, you can connect with prospects who have a high intent to purchase your products or services. For a demo, sign up here.

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