AI for Sales: More Than a Competitive Advantage

AI-powered tech is here to help, not hurt.

Artificial intelligence-powered solutions are becoming a standard in every industry, from agriculture to finance, but fears about its implications keep people from using it to their advantage. 

For some, thinking about AI might conjure up frightening scenes from Netflix’s Black Mirror. For others, their anxiety revolves around the replacement of the American workforce by robots. Both concerns are valid, especially given the negative coverage AI usually gets in the media. What these fears tend to overlook, though, is the true value of AI to society at large.

It has become more than a competitive advantage for businesses. Instead, it is a necessity.

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It’s worth noting that AI is doing a lot of good things in the world today:

  1. Detecting cancer
  2. Finding lost dogs using their nose prints
  3. Playing hide-and-seek

AI is not something to be afraid of. Instead, you should embrace it. At work, taking advantage of AI can help boost your sales performance and enable your sales teams to become more efficient.

So, what can AI do for you?

1. Identify the most rewarding prospects.Think of AI as your digital assistant. It can go through millions of pieces of data every day, filtering out the most promising prospects. In turn, you can use that list to conduct business in a faster and more organized way. Searching for leads takes up a large portion of a sales person’s time. Instead, they can let AI do the work. Focus on engaging your existing customers helps create a seamless shopping experience.


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2. Provide actionable insights. AI gives you the power to really know your customers. With clear insights, you can make smarter marketing decisions that helps your teams become more effective and efficient. You’ll get an improved understanding of your existing customer pool, plus information on new, untapped markets. This allows your products and services to become more personalized to the individual customer. 

Decision-makers at your company will be able to effectively use data and analytics. The key here is to measure the right things. Every business is different, which means that KPIs will differ between companies. Focusing on your success metrics helps steer the measurement plan in the right direction.

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3. Enhance current customer relationships. It’s tough to keep customers engaged and loyal. Right now, you might send out the occasional email, but if you’re not seeing any movement, it may be time to modernize your retention program. If you’ve ever wanted a tool to proactively reengage with your customers, AI is here to help. You’ll be able to send hyper-relevant communication to your customers based on their life events or purchase intent. This type of engagement can help build trust between you and your customer.


4. Personalize the customer journey. AI tools allow you to monitor the behavior of your customer pools and create ad audiences based on where they are in your marketing funnel. You can run smarter digital ads if you know exactly who you’re targeting. These types of ads can boost sales and productivity to increase conversion rates.  


At FunnelAI, we use artificial intelligence to power our tools, but that doesn’t mean the human element is taken out. In fact, we rely on human intelligence to make our processes work.  AI gives you the power to create a better and more personalized experience for your customers. If you’re ready to modernize your sales process, sign up for a demo of FunnelAI today.

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